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Penn Valley Shows is a family owned and operated traveling amusement company started by Kerry and Christina Benner in 2010. Although that seems recent, the Benner family has been in the outdoor amusement business for 40 years. Penn Valley Shows was created to accommodate the growing family and allow for expansion to the company from Kerry and Christina's three children; Chase, Alycia, and Chance.

The company is centered around the theme of modern family fun. Each off- season encompasses ride make overs of two or three rides at the Benner's winter quarters. Because safety is a top priority, every ride that is taken in to be remodeled not only gets a face lift, but gone over in it's entirety to ensure that everything is in proper working order. With that being said, the family believes that the only way to have peace of mind that the rides are safe is to do the work directly. While Kerry has spent his whole life repairing carnival rides, there isn't anything that goes unnoticed by him. The oldest son Chase, attended school for welding and is also able to assist in repairs. When repairs are taken care of, Christina can be found painting the carnival rides a variety of bright and beautiful colors.

The family takes prides in what the show looks like outside as well as within. On a Penn Valley Shows midway, you will find each employee with a clean uniform and there is always a Benner near by to ensure a smooth operation each day. Each employee follows a strict no-cell phone policy as well as being drug free. On site, you will always find a PA certified ride inspector as well as a ServSafe certified employee so anyone can feel safe no matter which part of Penn Valley Shows they are enjoying.

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